United Against Violence

Domestic abuse cases in Scotland have hit record levels in recent years.

This can’t go on. It’s unacceptable - but it is preventable.

I’ve launched a new policy paper, titled United Against Violence, which sets out how we can end this depressing situation, crack down on domestic abuse, and help more survivors to safely get out of violent homes so they can move on with their lives.

This plan would give police more powers to tackle abuse, including establishing a dedicated unit to target offenders and designating extra female officers as clear points of contact for survivors.

My proposals would strengthen the justice system to prevent offenders from avoiding prosecution, while also rolling out effective programmes to help more victims to come forward.

If the SNP bring in these proposals, Scotland can be a world-leader in tackling this abhorrent crime.

Please read my paper by clicking the link below 👇

I welcome any feedback, especially from victims of abuse. You can get in touch with me at pam.gosal.msp@parliament.scot

                                                            UNITED AGAINST VIOLENCE


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